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Remembering Robert F. Kennedy // The Boston Globe

- For my first story as an intern at The Boston Globe, I followed a troupe of marchers throughout the city as they paid tribute to RFK on the 50th anniversary of his death.

Former Catholic church converted to Dollar Store // The Boston Globe

- I wrote this story after spotting something unusual on a drive through Boston's historic Charlestown neighborhood: a Dollar Tree sign on an over century-old Catholic church.

Cbus Next: Alex Bandar // The Columbus Dispatch

- This piece was named First Place for Best Business Profile in the 2018 Ohio Society of Professional Journalists Awards. Read the story, then listen to the podcast.

The Legend of Dirk Dejong // The Miami Student Magazine

- His colleagues said he "was every bit as good as the best cartoonist in the country," but the name “Tim Kemp” can only be found in a handful of publications.

- News -

Starbucks takes shots over plan to open in North End // The Boston Globe

- Local business owners are speaking out against the addition of a Starbucks at the “gateway to the North End.” This story, which I pitched, was featured on the front page June 30.

Justice's retirement the cruelest twist // The Boston Globe

- I co-write this piece with Globe reporter Mark Arsenault after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his resignation. We talked to political liberals about their reactions.

Columbus's future is up in the air // The Columbus Dispatch

- In some cultures, cranes are a good omen. Want to know what's in store for Columbus's downtown area? Look for the cranes — the mechanical ones.

Reporting on the Rise // The Miami Student

- When the number of sexual assault reports at Miami doubled, that didn't necessarily mean assaults were more frequent. With a history of underreporting, these numbers are nuanced.

Deportees' kids struggle in Mexican schools // The Columbus Dispatch

- Every weekday, Sarah Gallo went to school in a small town in Mexico. Unlike the rest of the class, she wasn't learning from the teacher. She was learning from the students.

- Columns -

An afternoon in the Oregon // The Miami Student

- This piece serves as a (brief) guided tour through the mix of the seedy and the stylish that is this historic leg of downtown Dayton. It's best when read on a drizzly afternoon.

A letter from the editor // The Miami Student

- This letter appeared in the first issue I edited as EIC of The Miami Student. In it, I made a promise I knew I could keep: to listen, to be open and to always be earnest.

- Etc. -

Podcast: The Focus Group, Part One // The Miami Student

- What happens when you gather 8 fraternity guys to talk about dating and relationships for an hour? In this case, a two-part podcast about the confusing world of college dating.

Crossword: Semester's news in review // The Miami Student Magazine

- In each semester's volume of The Miami Student Magazine, I created crosswords using the semester's highlights in Miami and Oxford news, culture and sports.

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